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Trader Joe’s Rose Oil Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

No, woman, severely, if Trader Joe’s bought this in life-size buckets or barrels, I might strip down and simply dunk myself into them from toes to chin, and I’d do it day-after-day — maybe even a number of occasions a day — as a result of this new hand cream (AHHH!) feels soooo good. I

The Best Undereye Concealers, According To The Pros

Despite being a make-up bag’s most traditional asset, concealer is extra sophisticated than it appears to be like. Lots of room for error. Take the difficulty of shade matching, for instance. A concealer that’s an actual match on your skintone (not to mention for the possibly completely different areas of your face) is difficult to

Mari Giudicelli, Designer

“I’m from Brazil, born and raised. When I used to be 21, I used to be learning graphic design in Rio—however I wasn’t enthusiastic about it. My two pals and I discovered a program the place we may get a scholar visa and examine in New York. We did one yr at Parsons after which

Maybelline’s Spectacular SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick ($7.89 each at Target) Drugstore, child. $10, child. Actually, $5 in the event you do the BOGO 50% off at Ulta proper now. WHAT?! I do know. Yeah, these are SO GOOD. Maybelline calls them their “un-nudes,” as a result of one lady’s nude is one other lady’s nightmare.

Is Mario Badescu Cruelty Free?

Is Mario Badescu Cruelty Free? Several of you might have requested, “Is Mario Badescu cruelty free?” Years in the past, I used to be an enormous fan of their merchandise, and I even reviewed them right here on My Beauty Bunny. Then sooner or later, I noticed that they have been promoting in China, so

Saturday Surfing, February 17th, 2018

Happy Caturday, sweets! Please excuse me while I slam this cup of coffee that my body desperately needs… Ah… Now can we talk about shoes for a second? Yes, “OF COURSE WE CAN” is the only acceptable answer here. You know this, right? 🙂 Damn, these Chinese Laundry sequined flats? Freakin’ DSW taunting me and

Which is Better – Ulta or Sephora?

Question of the Week: Which is better, Sephora or Ulta? Well now that’s like asking me to choose between my children! I love them both and for different reasons. Sephora is the one I go to the most but that’s mostly because it’s located at The Grove and my fiance and I got there to