Month: January 2018

sakkaraivalli kizhangu poriyal, sweet potato poriyal

Sakkaravalli kizhangu poriyal is a simple accompaniment for rice, or even you can have as such. This sweet potato poriyal is made with fresh ground spices to make it tasty, flavourful.I make sweet potato poriyal just like i make vazhakkai poriyal. This time for pongal when we bought sweet potato to make seven veg kootu

Coconut Chocolate Fudge

This Coconut Chocolate Fudge is so creamy smooth with the perfect hint of chewiness from the coconut. Using the best fudge base out there, this fudge is sure to become a new favorite. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for me, that means fudge! Fudge is one of my favorite chocolate indulgences and

Healthy Albondigas Recipe – Recipe for Weight Loss

Shares 157 Healthy Albondigas Recipe Today we are making a healthy Albondigas recipe! YUM! It’s a traditional Mexican soup typically made with really savory meatballs, but for this healthy version, we are going to make them using turkey. Perfect to make on a chilly evening (or afternoon for that matter!). You can spice it up

Capsicum rice recipe, capsicum chitranna

Capsicum rice with colourful capsicums without any grinding part, similar to chitranna with capsicum.I have tried capsicum with the spice powder, also known as masala capsicum rice. I am not a big fan of it. I thought initially I didn’t do it right and tried again couple of times, but then I realized I don’t

methods to make sugarcane juice at house, Karumbu juice

Sugarcane may be made into juice freshly at house. All you want is a mighty knife and blender. You could make sugarcane juice with lemon or ginger for a refreshing drink.At India, sugarcane juice is quite common, however largely the merchandising machines these days saved in roadsides will probably be flooded with flies, which stops

Stability Ball AB Workout – full length workout video

Shares 292 Stability Ball Ab Workout Today we are doing a stability ball AB workout that you can do ANYWHERE! There are a few key parts to having great abs: 1. Nutrition 2. DECIDE it is possible to have abs! 3. Do the RIGHT exercises. I love bodyweight exercises and I love to add a

Glute Activation Booty Building Workout – video

Shares 303 Glute Activation Booty Building Workout Today we have a Glute Activation Booty Building Workout. You can do this workout from home, from the gym, or wherever! Even from a park! Just grab a bench or something sturdy enough to stand on and let’s get to work! It’s a full-time workout, so don’t just watch

Mega Nutrient Rich Smoothie – Yummy Recipe – Natalie Jill

Shares 134 Mega Nutrient Rich Smoothie – yummy recipe I’m smoothie obsessed lately! Basically, I’m challenging myself DAILY to get as MANY phytonutrients into each one as possible. Wake and shake with this Mega Nutrient Rich Smoothie! Here are the ingredients for the Mega Nutrient Rich Smoothie Start with a cup to a cup and