Month: January 2018

Rasawala aloo recipe, How to make rasawala aloo

Rasawala aloo or aloo tamatar is a tangy tomato primarily based gravy. This tangy gravy is ideal for poori. Simple recipe for rasawala aloo with step-by-step photos.Making potato masala for puri is routine, however at occasions, I crave for tangy gravy. Mostly chana masala will likely be my selection if I plan prior. This rasawala

Dulce de leche payasam recipe with semiya

Semiya payasam with dulce de leche. Rich, creamy and caramel flavoured payasam. Simple and straightforward to organize however very scrumptious payasam.Dulce de leche is made by cooking sweetened condensed milk for very long time which ends in caramel flavoured thicker creamy finish product. I’ve tried this earlier than, as soon as and beloved it. had

Garlic ribbon murukku recipe, South Indian snack

Ribbon murukku is a crispy South Indian snack made with rice flour, besan (chickpea flour). This is particular with garlic flavour and add purple chillies to boost. Perfect tea time snack. Wishing all my readers a 🎄Merry Christmas🎄  I assumed I’ll put up one thing like final 12 months, however could not. So posting no less

Stability Ball AB Workout – full length workout video

Shares 292 Stability Ball Ab Workout Today we are doing a stability ball AB workout that you can do ANYWHERE! There are a few key parts to having great abs: 1. Nutrition 2. DECIDE it is possible to have abs! 3. Do the RIGHT exercises. I love bodyweight exercises and I love to add a

Keto Diet Rundown – Does the Keto Diet Work for Weight Loss?

The Keto Diet may need come up in your analysis for weight reduction diets. Sometimes researching diets can get actually complicated, and the Keto Diet isn’t any exception. With numerous scientific particulars and complicated numbers, it may be very easy to do the Keto Diet incorrectly and harm your physique and your weight reduction objectives.

Glute Activation Booty Building Workout – video

Shares 303 Glute Activation Booty Building Workout Today we have a Glute Activation Booty Building Workout. You can do this workout from home, from the gym, or wherever! Even from a park! Just grab a bench or something sturdy enough to stand on and let’s get to work! It’s a full-time workout, so don’t just watch

Mega Nutrient Rich Smoothie – Yummy Recipe – Natalie Jill

Shares 134 Mega Nutrient Rich Smoothie – yummy recipe I’m smoothie obsessed lately! Basically, I’m challenging myself DAILY to get as MANY phytonutrients into each one as possible. Wake and shake with this Mega Nutrient Rich Smoothie! Here are the ingredients for the Mega Nutrient Rich Smoothie Start with a cup to a cup and