Health Benefits of Almonds, Almond Butter, and Almond Milk

Health Benefits of Almonds

You may already know that almonds make for a scrumptious and crunchy snack, however they’re additionally extraordinarily wholesome! Raw almonds, roasted almonds, almond butter, and almond milk every provide wonderful well being advantages.

They might sound small, however these tree nuts pack fairly a punch and you may reap the various advantages that almonds provide by consuming a 1 ozserving, which is equal to a small handful.

Many individuals consider almonds as a excessive protein snack, and with 6g of protein per serving they’re an ideal addition to your snack time. Even although they include 6 g of protein, they need to be handled extra like a supply of fats since they include 14g of fats per serving.

Lucky for us, the fat contained in almonds and almond butter are the wholesome selection! Eating the correct amount of wholesome fat can profit your well being in lots of areas.

Top Health Benefits of Almonds:

  • Maintain or Enhance Hair, Skin and Nail well being
  • Prevent Heart Attacks
  • Better management of Blood Pressure
  • Maintain your Joints Health
  • Support Brain Function
  • Can Help with Weight Loss (long run)

Also, thanks partly to their papery skins, almonds pack a whopping 3.5g of fiber. The stability between protein, fat, and fiber makes almonds and almond butter a properly balanced snack on their very own and an ideal add on to every other snack meals, like fat-free greek yogurt or a bit of fruit. They additionally make an ideal wholesome smoothie mix-in!

Of course, the well being advantages of almonds don’t cease there! They’re additionally filled with plenty of nutritional vitamins and minerals.

health benefits of almonds


Almonds include 49 p.c of your RDA of biotin. Biotin, also referred to as vitamin H or coenzyme R, is a water soluble B vitamin. Because it’s water soluble your physique can’t retailer biotin. Fortunately, there are many meals that we are able to eat to get sufficient biotin, like almonds!

Biotin is considered an ideal vitamin for supporting hair, pores and skin, and nail well being and is a standard ingredient in lots of hair, pores and skin, and nails nutritional vitamins.

It’s additionally vital for girls which might be pregnant. Medical News Today recommends getting a multi-vitamin with the correct amount of folic acid and biotin to be able to get each of those important nutritional vitamins in a single complement.

Biotin deficiency is rare and snacking on biotin wealthy almonds is an effective way to be sure to get sufficient of this vital vitamin.

Vitamin E

Not solely are almonds wealthy in biotin they’re additionally loaded with vitamin E; One serving accommodates 40% of your RDA. Vitamin E is definitely the identify of a bunch of fats soluble antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential for a lot of areas of excellent well being.

Antioxidants battle free-radicals — particles that trigger harm to your physique at a mobile and even genetic degree. Antioxidants battle these free-radicals to be able to forestall this harm and promote a more healthy you!

Antioxidants are well-known for preventing and stopping devastating illnesses like coronary heart illness and most cancers.


This elemental mineral is important, however getting too much or too little will be extraordinarily unhealthy to your well being. Which is why almonds are a superb supply of manganese, you get sufficient however not an excessive amount of.

The manganese in almonds and almond butter will profit your well being in a couple of totally different areas:

  • bone well being
  • joint well being
  • metabolism
  • wound therapeutic
  • antioxidant operate

Manganese performs a double function in almonds, not solely does it present it’s personal set of well being results, however by aiding with antioxidant operate it helps the opposite components in almonds do their job even higher!

Almond Milk

Homemade Almond Milk

Another wholesome almond based mostly meals is almond milk. Almond milk is all the craze proper now! It’s change into an especially fashionable dairy substitute. It’s nice on cereal and makes a scrumptious smoothie base.

Unfortunately, due to the best way it’s been processed, almond milk doesn’t have lots of the well being advantages that entire almonds or almond butter do. But that doesn’t imply it has zero advantages. Almond milk is a good non-dairy various to take advantage of as a result of it’s far decrease in energy. So, when you’re trying to minimize energy and shed weight, or when you suspect your bloating is likely to be attributable to dairy, give almond milk a attempt.

Almond Eats to Try

Even although almonds are tremendous tasty on their very own, it’s time to kick issues up a notch. Here are a two superior almond recipes to do that tasty nut in a brand new means and obtain all the advantages of almonds in a scrumptious means!

Almond Butter Protein Bites

Almond Butter Balls

Recipe and Image by way of

2 tbsp. rolled oats
1 tbsp. almond butter
half tbsp. floor flaxseeds
half tsp. maple syrup

In a small bowl, stir collectively rolled oats, almond butter, floor flaxseeds, and maple syrup. Form into 2 spherical bites. Optional: roll in cocoa powder to coat.

Spiced Almonds

Spice Almonds Recipe

Recipe and Image by way of

1 giant egg white
2 tsp (10 mL) candy paprika
2 tsp (10 mL) darkish brown sugar
3/four tsp (Three mL) salt
half tsp (2 mL) Worcestershire sauce
1/four tsp (1 mL) cayenne pepper
2 cups (500 mL) pure almonds
Cooking spray

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180ºC). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spray with cooking spray as mandatory.

2. In a big bowl, whisk collectively the egg white, paprika, sugar, salt, Worcestershire sauce and cayenne pepper till properly mixed. Add the almonds and toss till evenly coated.

3. Transfer almonds to the parchment-lined baking tray and unfold out to type a single layer. Bake for 20 minutes, till the coating is crisp. Almonds will proceed to crisp as they cool. Allow to chill fully then break up any nuts which might be caught collectively. Nuts will preserve as much as 5 days in an hermetic container. Makes eight servings.

Crack Down on Almonds

Almonds, almond butter, and almond milk make for a scrumptious snack, snack add-on, and smoothie mix-in. They add a scrumptious nutty taste and contribute many wonderful well being advantages as a result of they’re well-balanced nutritionally providing you with a superb stability of fats, protein, and fiber.

The well being advantages of almonds aren’t simply restricted to being nutritionally balanced, they’re additionally filled with nutritional vitamins and minerals which might be nice for something from you hair to your mind!

To get all of those wonderful advantages attempt including a tablespoon of almond butter to your smoothie. When you employ Idealshake because the smoothie base you get a wholesome and scrumptious one-two punch!

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