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Race Prep: Do You Know the 7 Stages of a Marathon?

Running is a human intuition. “Birds fly, fish swim, and people run,” mentioned Czech long-distance runner and olympic champion, Emil Zatopek. Whether we’re made for running more than 42 kilometers straight is a query that pops up between kilometers 15 and 21 on the newest 😉 7 Phases To Be Mentally Prepared For Running A

How To Start Running: 4 Do’s and Don’ts for Beginners

by Jennifer Rhines, American Olympic Long-Distance Runner & Running Coach Are you new to running? Check out these 4 do’s and don’ts to avoid some common newbie mistakes! 1. DO reflect on the reason WHY you’ve decided to start running. Whether it’s a commitment to better your own health, to raise money for a charity,

How Running Slower Makes You Faster: Myth or Fact?

by Jason Karp, PhD When I was a kid, I loved watching the TV sitcom, I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball was one in a million. There was a famous episode in which Lucy and her friend Ethel were working on an assembly line and had to wrap pieces of chocolate as they came down the