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March Cruelty Free Favorites

Question of the Week: What three merchandise did you attain for most frequently this previous week? The three cruelty free magnificence merchandise I’ve been reaching for essentially the most this month are all new! And I can’t get sufficient. I’ve been loving the Too Faced White Peach Palette. I wasn’t positive about it at first,

The Skincare Product I Use Year-Round

Question of the Week: What’s the one skincare product you utilize 12 months spherical? Since I’ve just lately come down with a giant ‘ole case of melasma (darkish brown spots) on my face, I’m now a die-hard sunscreen person. Because I’ve pimples, I needed to experiment with many various sunscreens to determine which of them

Where do You do Your Makeup?

Question of the Week: Where do you do your make-up? Bathroom, vainness, within the automobile…? Somewhere else? I really feel like there’s no means I can do a great job on my make-up until I’ve good lighting and a spot to unfold the whole lot out. I’ve a small condominium, however make-up is my enterprise,

Which is Better – Ulta or Sephora?

Question of the Week: Which is better, Sephora or Ulta? Well now that’s like asking me to choose between my children! I love them both and for different reasons. Sephora is the one I go to the most but that’s mostly because it’s located at The Grove and my fiance and I got there to

Have you ever bought something just for the GWP?

Question of the Week: Have you ever bought a product JUST because you want the GWP (gift with purchase?) I actually haven’t received a gift with purchase in a verrrrrry long time (at least that I can remember)! I love all the little gifts that Sephora gives out, but I can’t remember specifically buying something